Saturday, November 8, 2014

Topical Commentary: 50 Things You Need to Know About Heaven

Book Subject Commentary: 50 Things You Need to Know About Heaven

in chapter one, the author challenges the reader's confidence with the question: how sure are you that you are going to heaven? there are few greater questions that men could struggle with. but instead of leaving one with a sense of guilt and shame—instead, to encourage—all men need to do is believe in order to be completely sure that they will go up, and not down—which is far from impossible. an essential responsibility is to believe in Jesus as the one who can forgive your rebellion against God and take you to heaven when you die. the only face Father God will recognize is the face of His Son Jesus.

from Isaiah, we might understand that our self-righteous acts reflect the likeness of filthy bloodstained rags—not to be confused with the clothes of a blessed homeless man. so Jesus will not be evaluating our spiritual condition based upon exterior well-meant deeds, or the fraternized pagan ways of the sinistral orders—through which oaths bind men to darkness. instead of a stimulus, good works become a righteous response to the free gift of eternal life. not by the futile perfection of lifestyle through self-discipline or the merits of helping people. salvation is not by works, but many still bring glory to self and prop up their pride with it. Jesus already finished the work, so we can only be proud of what He did.

there are places men can go to step upon a profane chessboard in order to become another pawn for the devil to game. understand that even in the civilized societies of today, there are still pagans who sacrifice children to Mammon for a demon to respond to the shed blood by bringing worldly riches back to them. a sweet deal for that fallen angel in the long run, who will not hesitate to collect a soul. maybe the idolized demon will personally escort its worshiper down in the end—what an eternally disastrous privilege that would be.

again, the author asked a man on a plane: how sure are you that you are going to heaven?

How good must a person be to get to heaven?

thinking about that chapter's title might cause the reader to consider the futility of self-effort. since a man could not enter heaven by the means of hundreds of thousands of self-righteous acts. in fact, each selfish act of goodness would be a sin.

perhaps another question might be: How [conformed to the image of Christ] must a person be in order to enter heaven? but it is only by faith in the finished work of Jesus that leads to transformation of the heart which conforms us to His Image. in that sense, our faith is what becomes substantial, not our tangible works in this world. even the broken bread and the wine should remind us of how substantial the Body and Blood are for us right now. would you rather put all of your faith in Jesus, instead of attempting to walk the straight line of the 10 Commandments by your own means? which would come to nothing.

when the kingdom of heaven comes, countless worldly legacies will be wiped off the face of the earth—to be forgotten forever—no matter how great such renowned lost souls became in the eyes of the world. after devoting so many thoughts to self—instead of Jesus—in the end they became nothing in the kingdom of heaven, but instead became objects of wrath that slipped through the rocks by their own deceit, just as they were deceived by the devils that hell was made for.

the fact is, we can not lay claim to righteousness as we would a possession, since it is only first by believing who Jesus is that Father God can attribute righteousness to us. by putting our faith in the Son of God first by His blood sacrifice on the cross, not by self-righteous conformance to the 10 Commandments. consider salvation in terms of what God gave you through faith in His Son, instead of what you got from God by self-righteous effort—which is impossible anyway.

consider how Satan must legally sue for a soul before he can seek to destroy a person's life. why can the devil not just attack without asking? because he must sue for a soul based upon the righteousness which was not established by him. which is a legal bottleneck for Satan, who must approach the Source.

the fourth chapter asked the question: ...will they get a second chance to go to heaven?

one way to consider the answer to that question could be based upon the fact that God reveals his invisible qualities to all of us on a daily basis.

For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.(NIV)

from that we can understand that His invisible qualities are so clear, pure and powerful to the point that justifiable denial has been made completely void. to then make denial brazenly obvious and subject to Judgment. pure because God is perfectly pure infinite love. clear because there is not one single subtle shadow of change in that Light. and powerful because God could also be named the Omnipotence.

one aspect of the appearance of God is unapproachable light, so any sin for that matter becomes a serious affront as it is exposed in the light of infinite Father God. in that sense, denial becomes blatant because God is infinite and having such unapproachable light, the reproach of denial becomes an incredibly obvious affront before the eyes of God—and so a great sin.

that understanding can relate to how the religious authorities sinned against Light by accusing the Son of God of having demons. here they crossed the line, and forgiveness fell short.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Infinite Possibilities

finding rest in Him. receiving His healing gift, along with all of the promises—all of the love. and all of the blessings, both now and forever. even in the kingdom of heaven, God will be gifting us. hallelujah.

I love it when Jesus causes body parts to shift and move—right then and there—as His healing power transcends the sub-atomic level to realms of our spirits. how can we possibly perceive the countless things Holy Spirit does—moment by moment—to bring glory to Jesus? as the Comforter faithfully phases out infirmity; as we come together in unity and faith.

how would it be possible for our minuscule perception to put any sort of limitation on His infinite possibilities? and does that relate to the reason why the lyrics of that one song which contains the phrase wonderful mystery of love? since anything infinite could be considered as something that is mysterious by default(as we know, the only One who is infinite is our Father in heaven).

the glory of God enters all gates to transform everything forever, as He exclusively restores all things, by the Glory of God, in the Name of Jesus, to their proper order—to His eternal order, by His eternal power.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Establishing a Sense of Unity vs. Religious Debate

I would have liked to have seen how Apostle Paul debated in Athens—with all of the philosophers and soothsayers—because he may not have debated in the way we think is required as Christians. before the crowds, he may not have given any pagan philosophy or intellectual viewpoint any consideration. on top of that, Jesus was more effectively revealed through miraculous powers, instead of words spoken by men.

but my main point is this: instead of standard argumentation, Paul may have devoted most of his time to telling the story of the Gospel, followed by miraculous signs, as opposed to religious debate—which seems to have more to do with pitting us against them, and does not seem like the type of communication that agrees with unity in Christ.

was Paul simply debating by default based upon the inherent disagreement of the Gospel, in and of itself, against the worldly opinions of the day? the Gospel is basically the story of Jesus—not some theological paper—so it does not really debate very well. this is why, in a sense, I do not believe that Paul was debating at all while he was delivering the Gospel message—at least not in the way we think of religious debate.

while arguing or debating, one openly and directly resists the position of another, which causes friction, and potentially division. basically, argumentation might be considered as a divisive activity in the body of Christ. why not allow the Gospel itself, along with the power of God, on its own to overcome any religious shadows that rise up?—without giving any dissenting religious opinion a moment of consideration. when it comes to defending the Gospel, Jesus does not actually need any help. in other words, simply gloss over any worldly positions without any form of acknowledgment. because otherwise, it almost seems like a form of agreement to simply acknowledge that dissent has a right to exist at the foot of the Cross, or that we each have a right to our own dissenting opinions—men face Judgment for wrong opinions.

and it seems like a way of justifying the worldly position of another by acknowledging that they have their own point, or let's bring this to the table. a worldly opinion has no place at the table where the Bread of the Presence is taken in. any response to any opinion that rises up against the knowledge of Christ should be met with Christ and Christ crucified, instead of some half-baked theological position, or mere opinion falling out of the mouth of a man.

I think when we speak the Gospel, followed by signs and wonders, Jesus can transform the atmosphere in order to establish an atmosphere of unity in Him.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Attribute of Blameless

consider how Job was given the attribute of blameless—an attribute that came from God. but Job knew that the Lord could find sin in him. and yet, there it is in black and white, Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. Jesus spoke it right into the great accuser's face.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Doing What He Does

Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does. For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does. Yes, and he will show him even greater works than these, so that you will be amazed.(NIV)
so the Father was showing Jesus all that He does. that is why Paul's understanding of his role as an Apostle hinged on the activities of Holy Spirit.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things...(ESV)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

HAPPY - Walk off the Earth Ft. Parachute

 even if the world drags something around to bring you down, just remember, you will always have something to be HAPPY about.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Natural Determination

in nature there is a determination that is clearly based on the fact that most of God's creatures are doing what they were created to do. like this swallow.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jeremiah's Letter

Jeremiah wrote a letter to the surviving elders of the exiles. the instructions were: build houses, farm, start families, and... seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.(ESV)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Consequences of Refusal

trails are given to prove and test the genuineness of your faith. for example, when a system tries to force you to do things that are not right in the eyes of God, so you simply say no, and then struggle with the consequences of your refusal.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Creative Unity

revelatory light of an influential believer might help deepen creativity in a prophetic artist. so one picture I like from your book: the aspect of literally shining into the life of an artist. and there is nothing figurative about that, right? just as the radiant face of Jesus shines upon our lives, we can also reflect His brilliant charisma into the lives of others—the source is true Light.

I think you might also be speaking of what might be termed creative unity in the body of Christ, or even creative alliance—in the sense of merging efforts. since light is revelatory—and so also interpretive—the light we reflect can illuminate creativity in others in such a way that it might cause one to delve even deeper into the mystery of Christ. which relates to what prophetic art does for all of us as we take it in; as light shines out of a prophetic piece into the eyes of receptive believers.

in the body of Christ, networking might be thought of as the cultivation of believers who are actively helpful to one another. from that place, we would be networking for higher positions in the spiritual realm with the purpose of coming closer and closer to His heart—a different dynamic, right? so that would have to do with being lifted higher in realms of the heart of Father God—which has no measurable height.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rebellious People

there are many rebellious people, full of meaningless talk and deception.... They must be silenced, because they are disrupting whole households(NIV).

there are plenty of people we could allow into our lives who would be more than happy to stir up trouble, so rebellious people can not be involved in all of our affairs.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Born for Trouble

our Weltanschauung is our comprehensive concept of how we relate to the universe, or how we all relate collectively. so—in order to be realistic—our mindsets can be drawn into the stark heavenly conflict that we were conceived into. the rebellion—which started in heaven—was born on earth through Adam. so adversity does not come by chance because rebellion came from above, and will always be opposed by divine justice—just as it was in heaven. Eliphaz told Job, For man is born for trouble, As sparks fly upward.(Job 5:7 NASB)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Everlasting Joy

alcohol intoxication and sexual intensity are a couple of things that fall so far short of everlasting joy—in an extremely fleeting way—that they are virtually nonexistent in comparison. because 'everlasting joy' exists outside of the creation, since it has always been in the Father's heart—long long long before the creation ever came to be. so the spiritual potency of everlasting joy is off the charts—there will not ever be a chart for it. and Father God generously pours it into our hearts from His unlimited supply; from where He exists in eternity. everlasting joy flows in from outside of the creation.

drunkenness serves as an enabler for the sinful nature, whereas everlasting joy effectively overpowers and overrides it. and not only does the everlasting joy of God slay demonic oppression, but He laughs in the enemy's face.

Friday, February 28, 2014

That Night

that night in the Garden of Gethsemane might have been the most divineheartwrenching moment for Jesus, in knowing that He would soon experience something way beyond profoundly extreme: the face of His Father would soon turn away—something that never happened before to the Son of God, ever. so perhaps His suffering was rooted in knowing how bad such a thing would be, since the Father faces His Son with an infinite countenance of love.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Came to Save Not Judge

If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.

(John 12:47 NIV)

Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?

(Matthew 26:53 NIV)

the phrase at once put at my disposal and the number twelve both express the authority that Jesus had on earth at that moment,(Matthew 26:53 NIV) and by not dispatching legions of angels upon the earth, Jesus proved that he did not come to judge the world, but to save the world.(John 12:47 NIV)

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Next Step

I could be reaching for a pie in the sky, but right now—where I'm at right now—the only way to get to where I need to go, (which is not necessarily what I really want to do right now) but where I really need to go (which is where He really wants me to go[which is my real reality]) is to simply take the next step. since He makes me what I'm made to be—step by step. so that's where I need to be—walking with Jesus.

what the next step?

Stealthily Pursuant Surveillance Systems

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:18 pm

the superficial official purpose of mass surveillance as safety and security, or whatever labels are stuck to it, does not match the intent of the dark spirits operating through it. John the Beloved told us straight up that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one.(NASB)

on the other hand, regardless of whether federal authorities officially recognize Him or not, the Lord of Hosts uses law enforcement to help hold societies together, e.g. by maintaining general levels of peace. just as cops are sometimes referred to as peace officers in America, since they are dispatched to help protect the peace that Jesus has established. which in turn facilitates the spreading of the Gospel in the mean time.

everybody knows that the forces of good and evil operate within societies, so your response, I don't like being followed, may have been directed at spiritual authorities of darkness as much as human agencies. just as the attack of the helo—in a greater sense—might represent attacks of evil spirits, more than the nuisance of stalking(stealthily pursuant) surveillance systems.

there is conjecture about whether the militant locusts described in Revelation 9 are physical, spiritual, symbolic, or all of the above. but the fact remains: they will manifest.

as an illustration, the gazillion eyes of the surveillance system might collectively symbolize the all-seeing eye of Osiris—one of the false gods that the LORD took down before the Exodus. but in reality, the entire host of helos is nothing but a cloud of gnats before the eyes of God--with one breath they can disappear.


sometimes we are like a bunch of kids in a sandbox, absorbed in our futilities—while kicking sand in each others' faces. there is a semblance of adulthood in society, but the fact remains: each of us sometimes says and does something to someone else that we end up regretting later.

one day we are going to realize—much more clearly—the meaning of all of the things we were involved in in our lives.

Resist Evil, then Walk in Love

this verse is great to see because I just started to look at it this morning, along with Ephesians 5—which really seems to follow the phrase resist evil. in the sense that, once you turn your back on evil(as Job did), then walk in love.

walk in love as a child of God holding the hand of Father God—and imitate Him. for example, things such as 'obscenity, foolish talk or coarse joking' should not even be hinted among us—not even for identification purposes. if you were seen holding the hand of Jesus, would you bring any such thing up?

when we walk in pure love, does the 'devil flee' simply due to the fact that Jesus is near?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dream Interpretation: Coat Mantle

Dream Interpretation: Coat Mantle

reference post: Posted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:40 pm Post subject: Colorful Buttons On White Coat...

"How do you think this coat looks?"

if that coat is a mantle from the Lord, I do not think He needs anyone's opinion about how good it looks, since it would be a given that such a gift would be inherently good in all respects.

so perhaps that question—which seems to be key—might be considered as a double entendre. or perhaps it suggests the purpose and operation of a mantle, which might have to do with seer anointing, understanding of dreams and visions, etc.

how do we think?—with the mind of Christ. how do we see?—with the eyes of Christ. perhaps the one who wears that mantle must operate in the mind of Christ first in order to see with the eyes of their spirit—or operate in whatever spiritual gifting is covered by the mantle.

...came to me with a coat. .... It was a white female coat, but it actually looked like a dress or a coat dress to me. It flared out like a cape and it came right above the knee.

in Genesis 37:31, Joseph's garment has been translated to robe, or tunic or coat in various Bible versions. and one lexicon defines the Hebrew word kĕthoneth(כֻּתֹּנֶת) as a garment ...generally with sleeves, coming down to the knees, rarely to the ankles...(Strong's H3801) your coat might relate to the symbolism of the garment that Joseph wore—perhaps a female version of it.

It was a white female coat...
white is a very colorful color because all of the colors are inherent in a single color.

...I started working on it. I started pulling and stretching the white fabric. As I would pull and stretch the fabric, somehow out of nowhere the coat took on a new look and it changed supernaturally right before my eyes.

The first time that I stretched and pulled the fabric, adjusting it, working like a seamstress, the length of the coat changed. I pulled and stretched it again and buttons appeared from out of nowhere. They were colorful blue, red, green, and yellow buttons all over the coat, the size of a half dollar coin. Then the last thing that changed supernaturally was the hemline of the coat. When I pulled and stretch it, a 4' piping was added and appeared around the bottom of the coat. The look of the coat had changed again.
working the fabric might be synonymous with working the gifting covered by the mantle, and perhaps the more you operate in the gifting, the more Jesus might enhance it.

each color of each button might symbolize a specific prophetic manifestation, while in that sense, altogether they might suggest the apostolic.

The first time that I stretched and pulled the fabric, adjusting it, working like a seamtress, the length of the coat changed. I pulled and stretched it again and buttons appeared from out of nowhere. They were colorful blue, red, green, and yellow buttons all over the coat, the size of a half dollar coin. Then the last thing that changed supernaturally was the hemline of the coat. When I pulled and stretch it, a 4' piping was added and appeared around the bottom of the coat.
also, when you were working  the mantle, the fabric was expanding—expansion can be associated with fruitfulness. where there is the statement in Genesis 26:22: For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.(ESV) the word rachab(רָחַב)—which is first used in the Bible in the sense of expansion as a means of fruitfulness—can be found in the phrase made room for us.


the Hebrew word rachab means to enlarge, or to be in a state of enlargement—to be spacious. perhaps even to add an addition to your house in order to accomodate another human being with a place to stay. but can really be understood in a much larger sense.

in Isaiah 60:5, the word rachab can be understood in the sense of rejoicing, where the heart in Israel will tremble with joy, as the wealth of the nations pours in during the millennial reign of Christ—typified by the abundant golden reign of Solomon.

then there is the statement in Genesis 26:22: For now the LORD has made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.(ESV) the word rachab—which is first used in the Bible in the sense of expansion as a means of fruitfulness—can be found in the phrase made room for us.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sunflower and Circle

sunflower and circle have been used in occult symbolism. various mystery religions use certain flowers to symbolize the sun god, and the sunflower is one of them. while the circle is the most basic aspect of sun god symbolism—the middle of a sunflower can be very circular.

Magazine Cover: Time Magazine, December 10, 2001

one aspect of a sunflower is how all of the seeds can be crowded together and arranged within two mirrored(or opposing) spiral patterns—which can even create an optical illusion.

Nature Blows My Mind! The Hypnotic Patterns of Sunflowers

The pattern of seeds within a sunflower follows the Fibonacci sequence, or 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144... where 34+55=89 and 55+89=144, etc. pagan numerology is frequently used by Mystery Babylon.

coins are typically circular, and can be given after initiation rites. there are many types of occult coins, but I could not find one that featured a sunflower.

Google Images: Masonic Coin

Dream State Decisions

our own activities in our own dreams may not reflect how we might actually respond to real life stimuli. so I think the legitimacy of the decisions we make in our dream states can be purely figurative at times.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dark Horses

refer to post: Posted: Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:58 pm

in prophecy, a white horse can symbolize victory and purity. and considering how the horses seemed to be getting along, the black color might not be a negative aspect, but instead might symbolize—for example—the primordial color of creation, thus of creativity and new birth. ... Black can mean evil and the depressing lack of hope [which you did not discern]. But it is out of the primordial black that all good things were created.(1)

horses can also symbolize spiritual power, or war, but that did not seem to be evident by the way they all seemed to be at rest, so—in that sense—your vision might even be related to Psalm 23 somehow. I also had a thought about the dream symbolizing a state, or the condition of a person or thing, as with respect to circumstances or attributes...(2) and since all of the horses seemed to be at rest around the white one, perhaps that kind of symbolism applies.

there is another way to look at this vision as well, especially considering how the white horse might symbolize Jesus. a dark horse is a person who reveals little about himself or his activities, esp. one who has unexpected talents or abilities.(3) so perhaps your vision might symbolize Jesus, who is about to release His dark horses. that particular picture hits me kind of strong.

(1) Sandford, John Loren. Elijah Among Us: Understanding and Responding to God's Prophets Today. Minneapolis: Chosen Books, 2002. Kindle Edition, Locations: 2285, 2299.
(2) State. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. (accessed: December 27, 2013).
(3) dark horse. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers. horse (accessed: December 27, 2013).

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hot Hot Sulfur Balls

people can actually visit the cities of the plain today to find sulfur balls embedded in layers of ash, but—for some reason—this kind of archaeology is not well publicized.

one of the sulfur balls—which was tested in a lab—contained 95% pure sulfur, which has not been found anywhere else on earth. so it could be considered as supernaturally occurring sulfur, since it actually dropped from the heavens. typically, the sulfur belching out of a volcano will contain 50% pure sulfur—at the most—and will appear yellowish. while the sulfur found by archaeologists at the cities of the plain sites has been white in color.

one researcher estimated that the ignited sulfur balls were generating at least 9000°F in order to remain ignited as they dropped from the heavens—the temperature of a blast furnace. so the entire city of Sodom could easily have completely collapsed to ash within minutes. also, sulfur balls removed from the deep layers of ash had vitrified surrounding material, which means that they were so hot upon impact that they had instantly turned the existing ash they came in contact with into glass.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Campy Operettas

it is interesting how the same successful romance novel formulas continue to be used—seemingly forever. perhaps that has to do with a preference for the familiar, along with a resistance to change. or maybe it has more to do with how we are equipped, especially for the intensification of the spiritual aspects of emotion.

when we fall in love, our minds can quickly shift into personalized affectionate scenarios, but then for some reason—from the perspective of outsiders—some of those real life romance operettas can come across as very campy and cheesy, as they manifest externally. it is as if lovers shift into some sort of euphoric alternate personality that transcends the mundane to the point that it looks silly to those who are not under the same sort of spell. and as it is difficult to get involved in their conversations; sort of like trying to carry on a conversation with someone intoxicated with alcohol—hence, intoxication has a dual meaning.

while at the same time, romance pulp makes the ethereal environs of relationship schemes more palpable, though much more two-dimensional—being externalized. but even at a superficial level, romance can easily flip relay switches.

while a man and a woman are deeply involved in a relationship, perhaps their spiritual aspects become so energized to the point that the world around them blurs, or like shifting into hyperspace when the stars become long streaks. so as their hearts enter deep communion, their spiritual state easily transcends their surrounding environment. no wonder why so many of us like to return to that every day—even superficially through novels.

so the satisfaction of the need to express love becomes more significant than keeping in touch with nature, as the needs of our souls outweigh the needs of our physical existence. also, ascendancy can come through sacrificing our own physical well-being for that of another—to become an ultimate risktaker.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Enlightened Self Interest

I transcribed this statement from a video online:
you know, when it comes to spiritual matters, there's no right or wrong. spirituality overrides judgment—there's really only the path to enlightenment.—enlightened self interest - YouTube
in a sense, that statement sounds contradictive. how does amorality compliment enlightenment? if we choose what is right and what is wrong, then there must be a guiding Principle, and a divine Judge presiding over conduct.
For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.(NIV)
free will allows man to choose the devil as his guide to spiritual enlightenment—but look where that got us.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vegetation or Blood Sacrifice

Adam & Eve tried to cover their nakedness with vegetation, but only the skin of sacrificed animals was acceptable, so that was the act of obedience that brought the LORD's favor—a blood sacrifice.

but then Cain offered a sacrifice of vegetation instead of a blood sacrifice, and that was not acceptable.

also—in the vegetation—Cain shed the blood of Abel, but this was not the blood sacrifice that the LORD meant. by both acts, Cain revealed his hatred. but instead of taking Cain's life for taking his brother's life, God banished him.

Watering the Desert, Polishing the Armor

Rose S. wrote: If you don't read the Bible regularly your Christian life will be as lifeless as a desert!

I imagined living water restoring life to desert terrain. and we need to receive Scripture every day in order to protect ourselves from false teachings—teachings that oppose the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Scripture polishes my armor to a mirror finish to reflect the kingdom of heaven clearly. if I do not study every day, then my armor can become tarnished with worldly thoughts, and perhaps even corrode after a while.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Relationship Over Stewardship

having a relationship with Jesus is more important than being a positive steward of creation. God created the universe, so believing in God is of a primary importance—taking good care of the creation is secondary.